Woodland Heights Baptist Church’s E-Giving page.


Getting Started

Take a moment to register if this is your first time to use online giving. Once you register, you will not need to again. After registration is complete, an email will be sent to you verifying that you have successfully completed the first step in E-Giving.

To Schedule a New Contribution

You will find several reserves (General Fund, Food Pantry, Renewal Ranch, etc.). Please enter the amount you wish to give in the appropriate reserves and then choose a frequency type at the bottom of the page. By choosing a frequency, you are choosing to give just one time or by a recurring gift. This puts you in control of your giving.
You can set up to contribute to different reserves at different frequencies. HOWEVER, you will have to do each one separately. It is not possible to split a single transaction into different amounts and frequencies. When you have completed giving to one fund for a certain frequency, simply go back and complete another. You will receive separate receipts for each.

Contribution History

At any time, you may log into our giving site and view your contribution history by designating a time period. You may use the reports for tax filing purposes.
The reports available through E-Giving only reflect your online giving. If you are needing a contribution statement for all contributions made (online and in-person), please contact Melissa at the church office.

About Online Giving

Electronic Giving or E-Giving is an automatic transfer program which allows you to make contributions without writing checks. This process saves time, saves work and it helps stabilize the church budget.