Teachers and Staff


Marnie Osborne has been the Director at Woodland Heights Christian Preschool for the past 14 years. She grew up on a farm in Northern Ontario and worked in the Business District in Toronto for 8 years before she married and moved to the States. Marnie’s late husband’s work took her family from Atlanta to Naples, Italy, before God brought them here to Conway, AR. Her two teenagers keep her busy, but Marnie loves to travel and read when she gets free time.


Casey Daniel has been our Receptionist for two years. Casey does not see the children as often as the teachers, but she enjoys trying to connect with them and make them feel special. “Since the kids see me less, I enjoy getting the kids to talk to me and be silly.” Outside of school she likes to read, going to the gym and cooking.


Melissa Fikes is a 2 year old teacher and this will be her 3rd year teaching at WHCP.  Her love of children influenced her to begin teaching and teaching them to advocate for themselves encourages her to continue. Outside of WHCP, Melissa enjoys making jewelry, visiting with friends, and being a part of the Women’s Ministry at WHBC.


Hayley Bright is in her 3rd year. She says she started in early childhood education because of her aunt, who is a special needs teacher. She enjoys making the classroom creative, being someone the children can depend on and make them feel safe. Outside of preschool she reads, goes to school at UACCM and babysitting her cousins.

Stacy Lindsey is our 2 year old aide. She feels that the most important part of her job is to be an encourager and a positive voice in the child’s life. She enjoys reading, hiking, spending time with family, playing board and card games.

Kris Williams is our 4 year old aide and has been with WHCP for 8 years. “I love working with young children. They are our future and I’m blessed to be able to invest in their lives.” Kris loves to inspire the kids to be independent and encourage them to try new things. She enjoys walking, reading, crossword puzzles and spending time with family and friends.

Julie Pennell is one of our 4 year old teachers. “I love the preschool age child – their wonder and excitement to learn is fun to be a part of”. She enjoys incorporating a creative learning style, influencing their young minds and hearts in a positive way and helping them grown in their journey to being responsible, mature adults one day. She loves to travel, watch basketball, and dance.


Angie Rains is in her 6th year as a preschool teacher at WHCP. She is one of our 2 year old teachers, and believes her most important job is teaching the kids about the love of Jesus. Her goal this year is for all her babies to learn at least one bible verse or story and to be able to retell it. “I have always had a heart for children. I love seeing their little faces light up when they learn something new.” She loves camping, hiking, reading, and sleeping.



Christi Bell has been at WHCP since 2010. She is one of our 4 year old teachers and loves seeing the children become individuals with their own ideas and ideal of life. She feels the most important aspect of her job is being able to reflect Christ’s love for us in all we do and teaching children of God’s love. She loves to read, crochet, and tap dance.



Taylor Cunningham is returning for her 4th year as the music teacher. She believes teaching kids to love music no matter their natural ability is her greatest accomplishment. “Kids are fun and music is fun – why not combine them and make it extra fun?” She loves teaching dance at Sonshine Academy, eating, reading, dancing, and coloring.